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Mouse Taxidermy (1).png

Getting started into the world of taxidermy can be a bit intimidating! This book will go over all of the details to get you started on your very first taxidermy project!

Mice are a fun way to start out, readily available by consumers, and there's so many fun options for decorating them! Making them into your own mousterpiece is only part of the fun! Our book goes over all of the little details with over 120 photos showing the process. Our method highlighted in this book covers dry preserving a mouse that we help you skin, and all of the materials you will need using the carved body method.

Nicole Baldelli (aka Nikki Deerest) is the owner of Lone Fox Taxidermy, her full-time studio in central Massachusetts. She has over 7 years of experience and teaches classes at her home studio and in Salem, MA.

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