Here at Lone Fox Taxidermy, we understand how hard it is to say goodbye to our loved ones. We offer a small range of services in the realm of pet taxidermy to memorialize our four legged friends.

We ask all of our future clients seeking out pet taxidermy to ensure you have let yourself grieve from the loss of your pet. Understanding that in moments of extreme loss and grief sometimes we jump to quick decisions. Please allow yourself at least 3 weeks before coming to the final decision, and ensure everyone in your family is in agreement with the services you have discussed. 


Paw & Tail Preservation

Pricing starts at $60 & up per paw

Skull & Bone Cleaning

Pricing starts at $75 and up for skull cleaning. Full body bone cleaning is quoted per animal. Services are for rabbit size animals and up, we do not do cleaning for tiny animals. 

Fur Preservation

Pricing is quoted per animal. 

Taxidermy Services

Pricing is quoted per animal, typically starting at $500. We do not offer traditional taxidermy for cats or dogs. We do offer other small mammals. 



Nose & Paw Casting

Pricing $25-$40.

Whisker Collecting

Pricing $30

Microchip Collecting

Pricing $30


  • We do not offer any freeze-drying options. Please contact us if you would like to be referred to another taxidermist that offers this option.

  • All of our pet services come with a complimentary wooden box. 

  • If you are interested in traditional taxidermy services for your cat or dog, please contact us to be referred to a taxidermist that offers these services. 

  • If you need assistance shipping your pet to a referred taxidermist, I am happy to assist. Pricing for this would be quoted per situation, costs include shipping, packaging costs, and mileage. 

  • Please contact us to be referred to a local taxidermist that offers bone cleaning for very tiny animals. 

  • We do offer assistance with cremation, we use a local partner and pricing is at cost of the crematory. Please contact us for further information.