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Do you taxidermy pets?

At this time we are not offering any companion animal taxidermy services. With the year dealing with Covid, it has brought us more work than we have ever anticipated. As a result of this, our timeline has lengthened. With the pain of pet loss, no client should need to wait a long period of time for these services, and currently we are not able to offer short timelines on pet services. I am happy to refer you to the proper taxidermist to assist you. Please send us an email if you are looking for a particular service regarding your companion animal. 

A note to anyone looking for companion animal taxidermy services: When we lose our loved ones we can sometimes jump into an idea too quickly without letting the grieving process take place. I advise anyone considering pet taxidermy to wait at least three weeks before making a final decision. You should also discuss this in length with each member of your family to ensure you all are in agreement of the services. 

Do you taxidermy road kill?

Yes, I am always happy to try and work on a road kill specimen; however please make sure you are following the laws regarding road kill for your state. In many states you will need a special permit to have a road kill animal in your possession and/or mounted for taxidermy. You can call your local Fish and Game department to find out this information. Also please be aware when it comes to road kill, you need to keep in mind what kind of shape it is in. Some animals are too far gone and others have been destroyed due to the elements. These specimens may be hard to bring back to life.

I have an owl, will you taxidermy it?

Absolutely not! There are many laws regarding birds and they are federally protected. If you bring me an owl or other protected bird I will not mount this in any situation. This is illegal even to possess. If you come across a deceased owl, please just leave it be.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time I do not offer international shipping for any taxidermy items. This is because there are many import/export laws regarding animal specimens and by-products. This can be very costly and time consuming, so for now I will not be offering these services internationally.

Can I ship an animal to you (within the US)? And how do I ship it?

I am happy to taxidermy animals from out of state. Make sure to have all of your proper documentation before shipping to me; and please reach out to me prior to shipping an animal. To ship an item, I recommend shipping in an insulated box, some people use home insulation. You will want to make sure the animal is completely frozen and place some ice packs or frozen water bottles in there (sealed EXTREMELY well!!). Depending on how far away you are from me and the time of year, will depend on which shipping carrier you would like to use. Always ship on a Monday or a Tuesday and bring your package at the end of the day that way it isn’t sitting out defrosting all day. I have had great luck with USPS in the past but you may also use UPS or Fedex. Priority shipping is usually fine; however certain situations may require overnight or 2 day shipping. Please contact me regarding more details for a specific situation.

I want to learn taxidermy! Where/how can I learn?

I do currently offer one-on-one lessons for a variety of animals. Please see my “Lessons” page for more details. If you are interested in having me hold a class at your establishment, please send an email over to  


Are there any animals you currently don’t work on?

Currently, I offer mammals and birds only. I do not currently offer fish or reptiles.

What training do you have?

My taxidermy training started with a class at the Harvard Natural History Museum in Boston, MA with Mickey Alice Kwapis. After a year or so I attended a three day taxidermy class with award winning taxidermist Amy Ritchie Carter of Amy’s Animal Art Taxidermy. I also attend local competitions and classes to continue to my learning.

Do I need a license to do taxidermy?

If you are thinking of getting into taxidermy whether for a hobby or professionally, I do advise obtaining a license from your local Fish and Game department. It is very important to be following all of the laws and guidelines because we are working with Fish and Game to protect all of the animal species. I also have a furbearer’s permit and a trapping permit, and even though I do not trap myself, having these permits allows me to be able to legally acquire species. Taxidermy is something you certainly need to do your research on. Make a list of all of your questions and give your local Fish and Game a call, they are always extremely informative and happy to give you information.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions!

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