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Mouse Taxidermy Kit

In this mouse taxidermy kit, we'll take you through the entire process, start to finish, on how to taxidermy a mouse! Please note below what is included and NOT included in this box. This kit is designed for beginners to any hobbyist looking to further their knowledge in this unique art form. The kit includes a code to download our pdf manual which is a very extensive guide, including over 120 pictures. 


This DOES NOT include a mouse specimen - we recommend sourcing this from your local pet store's frozen section. This kit will work for mice, moles, and small chipmunk sized animals. I recommend using the largest mouse available! (We get a lot of messages about the kits not including the mouse - we simply would not be able to do this or it would thaw out immediately and go bad!)


This kit also DOES NOT include the taxidermy mice in the photos - they are just examples of what you can create! 


This kit is intended for ages 13+, people with good dexterity, hand & eye coordination. Sharp objects are included in this kit. 


What's Included:
-Carving foam
-Needle & thread
-#11 scalpel
-Plastic soaking cup
-22g wire limbs
-Pairing knife
-Beads for eyes
-Insect pins
-Pre-drilled wooden base (circle, oval, or rectangle)
-1 pair of gloves size medium
-Code to download our pdf book for free


What's NOT Included:
-Mouse specimen - we recommend purchasing from your local pet store in the frozen section
-Isopropyl or denatured alcohol
-Paper towels

Mouse Taxidermy Kit

  • Returns only accepted on undamaged, unopened kits. If you have an issue with your order or are missing an item in the kit, please contact us to remedy the situation for you. 

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